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Are you serious about your UML models?

The Unified Modeling Language contains a formal language - the Object Constraint Language (OCL), that helps you to increase the precision and completeness of your models.

Using OCL will bring you these benefits:

  • Your model will be more precise and better communicate the intended meaning
  • This reduces the effort for communication between your project member
  • Having more precise and complete model means that your software has less errors

Our product Oclarity helps you to make best use of OCL. Is is a easy to use software tool with little footprint that assists you in adding OCL expressions to your UML models.

  • Supports constraints, initialization expressions, derivation rules and method body definitions.
  • Powerful editing capabilities with syntax highlighting.
  • Full syntactic and semantic checking according to the OCL 2.0 specification.
  • Concise presentation of all expressions with easy navigation to errors.
  • Modern, highly productive user interface.
  • Supports multiple UML tools trough XMI.
  • Try it with no risk - it's free! Or learn more on the Oclarity Product Page.


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