My experience with Eclipse and Octopus…

was a sad one.

There is the Octopus tool for checking OCL expressions and since it comes from the creators of OCL – Anneke Kleppe and Jos Warmer – I thought it would be interesting to compare it against Oclarity. I have already tried this about 2 years ago and miserably failed. In the meantime Eclipse has matured and a new version of Octopus was released. So I decided to try it again.

Installing the newest Version of Eclipse (3.2) was easy. But the current Octopus page on Sourceforge just said it is an ‘Eclipse plugin’. So I had to figure out how to install an Eclipse plugin first (but all I wanted was to run Octopus).

Finally I was ready and eager to use Octopus. Again, no hint on the Sourceforge site, nor in the plugin file. Fortunately I found the required information on the Octopus page on I had to create a new Octopus project. Here is the result:

Problem opening wizard

Please note the helpful error message in the details window. If somebody out there knows how to run Octopus 2.2.0 on Eclipse 3.2 I’d appreciate some hints.

And could some kind soul please donate 200 bucks to the Eclipse foundation to sign their software?

eclipse.exe not signed


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