Model driven architecture (MDA) with Enterprise Architect


There is a nice white paper named EA4MDA_Features__WP.pdf on the Cephas website (sorry, they don’t use search engine friendly URLs – you must look in download/white papers/model driven architecture) about MDA with Enterprise Architect.

The paper is nicely written, concise and concret, which is not often the case with this subject. For example there is a list of criteria for creating a complete and precise model that is a better source for model transformation. The list contains recommendations like (excerpt)

  • Consistently set navigability for associations
  • Define multiplicity for both ends of associations
  • Define unique names for attributes and both roles in associations

All this helps to create more and better code.

The paper then states important capabilities of MDA enabled tools and gives an assessment of Enterprise Architects implementation.

Sparx Systems also has a similar paper on their website which I find a bit more shallow than the Cephas paper.

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