Is UML alive and well?


Jason Gorman from made a comment on a posting that stated that the UML has failed and is no longer relevant. Basically Jason says that some of the authors arguments are correct but others are not and that – all in all – “UML is alive and well”.

The comments on the original posting are mostly affirmative, but there are also some comments in the defense of the UML.

I’d like to add another thought: the companies and organizations that use the UML more rigorous (and thus possibly discover its benefits) are usually large companies and organizations, often in the military sector or working on embedded software. Project workers in these types of organizations usually have neither the time nor the interest to hang out in the internet and read blogs and write comments. Therefore I think that the sum of all public statements does not accurately reflect the actual acceptance and appreciation of the UML in the software industry.

In addition, the UML is also used to capture requirements in analysis models, something that can’t be done in code.

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  1. Nitin Sawant Says:

    yes!! UML is alive, without UML we can’t model the blueprint of the software system

  2. UML online Says:

    Can UML concepts be used in javacripts as well? Java is a pure OOP language, but javascript is a client-side scripting language. Is it possible?

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