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The UML Metamodel Viewer provides an Explorer-like view of the UML Metamodel. It support the creation of class diagrams with selected classes.

The purpose of the UML Metamodel Viewer is to help it's users better understand the UML Metamodel.


UML Metamodel Viewer Screenshot

UML Metamodel Viewer Screenshot

System Requirements

UML Metamodel Viewer runs on Windows XP (SP2, SP3), Windows Vista and Windows 7. It requires the Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0.

If you want to create class diagrams you need you need to install UmlGraph, GraphViz for Windows and a Java Development Kit. You also need to configure UML Metamodel Viewer to find these files during runtime (see the manual for details).


Download the Setup-Program for Microsoft Windows:

Download now

You can also read the manual: Manual in PDFManual (pdf) only