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We try to support the users of our free software as far as possible. To use our email support, please send all required information along with a description of your problem to support@empowertec.de.
Support is available via email only.

Please include the following information with your support request:

  • The version of the program you are using. You can find the version in the about-window.
  • The type (e.g. Windows XP, Windows Vista Home edition…), language (e.g. English or Thai) and version of the operating system you are using along with information about installed service packs.
  • An exact description of the error or problem you would like to have resolved.
  • A screenshot of the error, if applicable.
  • If the program consumes an XMI file, the exporting program, edition and version.
  • If possible, attach the XMI file to your email.