There are millions of people in the world who, although attracted to cryptosystems like Bitcoin, are hesitant to buy one. Most of these potential users see crypto currencies as speculative instruments and little else. So, today we bring you several reasons why it’s worth buying Bitcoin. The price of the currency has nothing to do with it.

Buying Bitcoin as an insurance against inflation

The first reason why buying Crypto Genius is an excellent investment, is that cryptomoney serves as an insurance against inflation. Thus, in case a crisis occurs that quickly depreciates the value of your money Fiat, as has been seen in countries like Venezuela or Argentina. You can count on Bitcoin as an insurance that protects part of your capital against inflationary attacks.

This is because, thanks to the decentralization of its operation, Bitcoin does not depend on the decisions of a central bank. On the contrary, the management of virtual currency is as transparent as the code on which it works. This guarantees users that the liquidity of the currency will not increase from one day to the next.

It also has deflationary mechanisms such as Halving, which reduces the speed of new Bitcoin issues from time to time. Which, in a decentralized environment like the Blockchain, is the best possible guarantee that the market will not be flooded with new cryptosystems overnight.

Digital mining and its evolution after the Bitcoin Halving

Bitcoin as a financial asset
On the other hand, Bitcoin is also increasingly emerging as the financial asset of tomorrow, which makes buying BTC today a smart decision. And this is so for several reasons, which make cryptomoney an attractive instrument for investors around the world.

That’s because, without needing to talk about its price and the incredible returns obtained by those who invest in Bitcoin. The truth is that the accessibility of buying BTC, being a much easier product to buy than other assets such as gold, makes it extremely attractive to people from all countries.

This is without counting the growing interest in the currency by institutional investors. They are taking advantage of mechanisms such as those offered by the Grayscale company, to enter the crypto market. Buying hundreds of millions of dollars of Bitcoin, and demonstrating the confidence that virtual currency generates as a financial asset worldwide.

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