Coinbase Pro to add BTC trading pairs for reputable DeFi tokens

Coinbase Pro has plans to offer DeFi / BTC token trading pairs.

Market analysts expect DeFi tokens to post huge gains against Bitcoin Union.

Enthusiasm for DeFi is growing as blue chip tokens experience significant price spikes

Coinbase Pro will offer more traders the ability to trade popular DeFi tokens for Bitcoin (BTC) as part of its latest order book expansion.

After a significant period of cooling, the decentralized finance (DeFi) market appears to be heading towards another round of massive price movements.

Coinbase announced the extension of its order book via a blog post published on December 1. According to the announcement, Coinbase Pro is set to offer new order books for popular DeFi “coins” including Yearn.Finance (YFI) and Uniswap (UNI).

The order book expansion plan follows the stop of margin trading by the platform due to pressure from regulators

Starting December 8, Coinbase Pro will allow users to trade certain top-notch DeFi coins for bitcoins. Besides YFI and UNI, the other tokens affected are Chainlink (LINK) , Algorand (ALGO) and Loopring (LRC). The plan also includes supporting the Zcash (ZEC) / BTC pair.

According to Coinbase Pro, the rollout of the expansion plan will be done in three stages: post-only, limit only, and full trading. He added :

If at any point one of the new order books does not meet our assessment of a healthy and orderly market, we may keep the book (s) in the same condition for a longer period. or suspend trading, in accordance with our trading rules .

The announcement states that Coinbase Pro will provide regular updates on the status of each order book. These tokens are already part of the platform’s trading catalog and are tradable against USD Coin (USDC). In early September, Coinbase Pro first added the YFI token to its list.

DeFi tokens register gains

Coinbase Pro’s announcement comes amid a resurgence in DeFi token prices, amid the general turmoil in the cryptocurrency market.

Data from DeFi aggregator, DeFi Pulse , indeed shows an increase of almost 30% in total locked-in value (TVL) in Ethereum’s DeFi space . As of the evening of December 2, the TVL was only $ 250 million from its peak to date (ATH).

As reported by , some crypto traders are suggesting that DeFi / BTC token pairs are seeing gains of 50-100% in the short term. Over the past 30 days, the YFI has risen by over 180%.

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Latin America: Bitcoin ATMs are booming, especially in Colombia

The country is relatively new to crypto acceptance, but is gaining momentum quickly.

Colombia now has the most Bitcoin (BTC) ATMs in Latin America. According to CoinATMRadar, Bogota, the country’s capital, has over 34 ATMs, followed by Medellin with 11 and Bucaramanga and Cali with 4 each. Other cities with at least one ATM are Armenia, Barranquilla, Cartagena, Cúcuta, La Hormiga and Pereira.

Until recently, countries such as Venezuela and Argentina were more often discussed as crypto-hot spots in terms of regional acceptance due to political and economic unrest. However, Colombia has taken important steps to regulate the country’s crypto industry. The government approved a pilot program to test crypto-transactions as early as September. The pilot project, which is being conducted in a recently introduced regulatory sandbox, will run until December 31.

In September, the Colombian Ministry of Information Technology and Communications (MinTIC) published a draft guideline. It called on the public sector to use block chain technology and crypto payments.

In August, Statista published a study showing that the acceptance of crypto currencies had reached double-digit figures in Brazil, Colombia, Argentina, Mexico and Chile.

Alibaba founder Jack Ma praises innovation potential of digital currencies

The current international financial system is too conservative and does not suit young people and economies, Ma said.

Jack Ma, the now retired founder of the Alibaba Group, spoke to bankers and regulators in Shanghai at the Federal Summit about the role digital currencies are likely to play in the future global financial system:

„Digital currencies could add value and we should think about how digital currencies can help us create a new type of financial system.

He said that the current financial system governed by the Basel Accords is too conservative and does not fit China’s growing economy:

„In the aftermath of the Asian financial crisis, the risk control agreed in the Basel Accords was focused only on risk control and not on development. It rarely takes into account the opportunities for young people and developing countries“.

The Basel Accords provide for international regulation of banks to reduce systemic risk in the global economy. The rules became particularly strict with the adoption of Basel III in 2008 as a result of the global financial crisis.

Announcing his retirement in 2018, Ma said he wanted to return to teaching. Although Ma had retired, Alibaba continued to grow and became one of the largest companies in the world by market capitalization.

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Zcash compatible with Ethereum and DeFi, thanks to „Wrapped Zcash“

After Dash (DASH) a few days ago, it is Zcash (ZEC) ’s turn to become more compatible with decentralized finance (DeFi) protocols. Wrapped tokens are now offered by Tokensoft: the “Wrapped“ Zcash ”.

According to the Tokensoft press release , the maneuver aims to use Zcash on Ethereum , in order to access DeFi markets thanks to the anonymous BinBot. This was made possible through a partnership between Tokensoft and Anchorage, a digital asset platform for institutional investors.

Tokensoft will manage the representation of Zcash on the Ethereum blockchain. For its part, Anchorage will ensure the conservation of the ZECs, which will be stored in exchange for Wrapped Zcash (WZEC) . The news is notable: Privacy altcoins haven’t particularly stood out for their integration into the decentralized finance industry so far.

Zcash goes DeFi

The benefits are numerous for the users: on the one hand, they can make use of Zcash’s privacy options on DeFi projects. This makes Zcash de facto compatible with the biggest protocols, including Maker, Uniswap and Compound. This also has another less expected benefit, according to Tokensoft CEO Mason Borda:

“We look forward to enabling the use of a more interoperable form of Zcash with the WZEC. […] Additionally, exchanges will now be able to store Zcash while meeting compliance requirements . ”

Other altcoins in the pipeline

The press release also specifies that other cryptocurrencies will be considered in order to be “Wrapped” and usable with Ethereum. Anchorage CEO Nathan McCauley explains:

„By bringing new sources of liquidity to DeFi , and allowing users to benefit from the qualities that make first layer protocols unique, the Wrapped technique is a boon to both market players and the ecosystem in his outfit. “

Anchorage is therefore considering the upcoming addition of Handshake (HNS) , Avalanche (AVAX) and Celo (CELO) in a Wrapped version, before extending this new service to other altcoins.

However, it should be noted that contrary to what the two companies ‚ press release implies, the „Wrapped“ Zcash „already existed , thanks to the services of RenVM . The Anchorage and Tokensoft solution is therefore nothing new, but it shows an underlying trend. Altcoins are gradually building bridges with Ethereum , so as not to miss the DeFi train. We had already seen it a few days ago with the creation of “Wrapped Dash” intended to be used on decentralized finance protocols.

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Market Wrap: Bitcoin testet $11,5K; Ether-Futures Open Interest verflacht

Bitcoin wird am Donnerstag zinsbullisch, während das Open Interest für Äther-Futures im vergangenen Monat bei rund 1 Milliarde Dollar verharrte.

  • Bitcoin (BTC) handelt um 11.537 Dollar per 20:00 UTC (16:00 Uhr ET). Kursgewinn von 1,5% gegenüber den vorangegangenen 24 Stunden.
  • Die 24-Stunden-Reichweite von Bitcoin: $11.249-$11.543
  • BTC über seinen gleitenden 10- und 50-Tage-Durchschnitten, ein zinsbullisches Signal für Markttechniker.

Der Bitcoin-Preis steigt am Donnerstag und bewegt sich von einem größtenteils flachen Trend zu einem Höchststand von 11.543 $ an Spot-Börsen wie Bitstamp. Zum Zeitpunkt der Drucklegung wechselte er bei 11.537 $ den Besitzer.

Der Aufwärtstrend setzt ein, da die älteste Krypto-Währung der Welt seit dem 13. Oktober Mühe hat, über 11.500 $ zu bleiben. Andrew Tu, ein leitender Angestellter der Handelsfirma Efficient Frontier, sagte, dass dieses Phänomen, das oft als „Widerstand“ bekannt ist, bei dem Händler Gewinne mitnehmen, ein Verkaufsmomentum erzeugt und Bitcoin davon abhält, höher zu steigen.

„Es gibt erheblichen Widerstand über $11.400 hinaus“, sagte Tu gegenüber CoinDesk. „Es kann sein, dass wir es nicht schaffen, über $11.500 zu bleiben und beginnen, zwischen $10.500 und $11.400 zu schwanken. Abgesehen von einem schnellen Aufschwung auf 11.730 $ am 13. Oktober war Bitcoin die meiste Zeit der vergangenen Woche im Bereich zwischen 11.400 $ und 11.500 $.

„Wenn man auf das Jahr 2020 zurückblickt, ist Bitcoin auf einem schönen und stetigen Weg nach oben“, sagte Henrik Kugelberg, ein außerbörslicher Krypto-Händler mit Sitz in Schweden. „Es ist ein großes Glück, dass wir uns Bitcoin anschauen können, wenn die meisten anderen Makro-Dinge, gelinde gesagt, düster aussehen.

BItcoin zerschlägt traditionelle Anlageabsicherungsinstrumente wie Gold und sogar Silber. Während Gold im Jahr 2020 um 26% und Silber um 35% gestiegen ist, ist Bitcoin um 57% gestiegen.

„Es wird immer Stürze, Bullenläufe und Hochebenen mit Bitcoin geben“, fügte Kugelberg hinzu. „Aber ich bin zuversichtlich, dass wir noch nicht alle Auswirkungen der erstaunlichen Entwicklungen in und um die Bitmünze gesehen haben. Eine dieser Entwicklungen war die zunehmende Zahl von börsennotierten Unternehmen, die Bitcoin als Reserveanlage halten, etwas, das Kugelberg als bullish driver“ ansieht.

Efficient Frontier’s Tu sieht erhebliche Vorteile, wenn Bitcoin die 12.000-Dollar-Grenze überschreiten kann. „Wenn wir die 12.000 $ erfolgreich durchbrechen, könnten wir einen starken Anstieg der BTC sehen, da es nur wenige historische Widerstandslinien hinter diesem Punkt gibt“, fügte er hinzu.

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Analytiker: LTC, BCH og XRP bliver til sidst slået ud af de top 10, da Bitcoin og Blockchain-markeder er modne

En populær kryptoanalytiker og -handler mener, at nogle af de velkendte kryptoer, der i øjeblikket er blandt de top 10, er på vej nedad. Michael van de Poppe er både teknisk analytiker og kryptohandler. Da han delte sin mening i et twitterindlæg, kastede den erhvervsdrivende lys over de fremtidige muligheder på kryptomarkedet målrettet mod 3 af de øverste mønter – Bitcoin Cash (BCH), XRP og Litecoin (LTC).

Ifølge Michael gennemgår kryptomarkedet i øjeblikket en overgangsfase med to ændringer, der finder sted samtidigt. Disse ændringer vil ryste markedsrangeringen på en stor måde.

Overgang fra det vilde vest

For det første har Bitcoin-markedet gennemgået udviklingsmæssige ændringer, hvor institutionelle investorer er trådt ind og bidraget til dets strømlinede natur. Indtil videre er der udarbejdet lovgivningsmæssige rammer for at imødekomme muligheden for legaliseret Bitcoin-futureshandel og ETF’er.

Dette har faktisk hjulpet BTC-markedet i sin rejse til ultimativ modenhed og væk fra markedskaoset, som Michael kalder „det vilde vest“. Dette kaos kunne i vid udstrækning tilskrives markedets volatilitet og manipulation.

Overvurderede mønter

Dernæst mener Michael, at kryptoer som XRP, LTC og BCH er overvurderede, og at de til sidst vil miste deres fodfæste blandt de top 10 kryptoer på markedet. Deres plads vil blive optaget af nogle af de kommende og tilsyneladende stærke konkurrenter.

Michaels mening understøttes af det faktum, at de nævnte kryptoer ikke har fungeret godt for nylig. XRP har set sin position 3 grebet af Tether, BCH kæmper for at opretholde et afbalanceret volumen, mens LTC er nægtet at placere 9, næsten tæt på at blive kastet ud af de ti bedste placeringer.

Bevis for disse kryptos dystre præstationer kan artikuleres ved at sammenligne dem med de relativt nye som Chainlink, Polkadot, Cardano og Crypto.Com. Hvis de dårlige forestillinger ikke går i tide, kan de erstattes af andre kommende stærke mønter.

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Goldman Sachs analysts are pessimistic about the USD in the short term, how does it benefit Bitcoin?

Goldman Sachs analysts expect the US dollar to continue to decline. For Bitcoin and gold, that could mean a solid fourth quarter performance.

Goldman Sachs, the $71.4 billion investment bank, is down against the US dollar. For Bitcoin (BTC), which has recently recovered above the feared $11,100 level, this could serve as a potential catalyst.

Bitcoin is heading into the last two months of the year with significant uncertainty. But if the dollar continues to fall, it could boost the momentum of BTC and gold in the fourth quarter.

The dollar’s fall is coupled to the rising hash rate: 5 things to watch in Bitcoin this week

More investors are „HODLing“ Bitcoin in anticipation of a rising BTC market in 2021
Why Goldman Sachs is not optimistic about the price of the USD
Zach Pandl, co-head of Global FX, Rates and EM Strategy at Goldman, predicts that the dollar will hit a record low in 2018.

In a note to clients obtained by CNBC, Pandl and his team of analysts pointed out two main factors. First, Pandl said that the possible choice of the „blue wave“ remains a significant risk to the US dollar index (DXY). Second, the outlook for COVID-19 vaccines remains unclear.

On 30 September, Moderna’s CEO, Stéphane Bancel, told the FT that the vaccine would probably not be ready until after the election.

Lack of clarity on vaccine production and distribution, as well as electoral risk, could hamper the dollar’s momentum. Pandl wrote:

„In our opinion, a ‚blue wave‘ election in the US and favourable news on the vaccine schedule could return the trade-weighted dollar index and the DXY to their 2018 lows.
If the dollar falls, it would naturally benefit alternative reserves of value such as Bitcoin and gold. Since alternative assets are traded against the dollar, a fall in the DXY causes other reserves of value to increase.

In addition to the fall in the dollar, Pandl also pointed out that potential Bitcoin Formula scam vaccine advances could boost risky assets. As such, if institutions view Bitcoin as a risky asset, it could further boost sentiment around BTC. Pandl wrote:

„There are certainly important risks: we are not sure how long the vote count will last (especially for the Senate) and how the stock market will react to a ‚blue wave‘. But the wide margin in current polls reduces the risk of a delayed election result, and the prospect of vaccine advances in the short term may provide support for risky assets.
Bitcoin runs the crypt-currency markets, but DeFi tokens don’t follow
Bitcoin’s technical structure remains optimistic
A persistent narrative about Bitcoin’s medium-term performance has been its high time frame structure.

Bitcoin’s weekly and monthly charts continue to be very positive due to BTC’s reaction from the $10,500 to $10,700 support range.

On October 12, Bitcoin broke through the $11,500 mark for the first time since September, showing strong momentum.

The BTC’s recovery above the $11,300 resistance level is critical because it follows a series of negative events in October.

From the charges against BitMEX to the rejection of the stimulus by U.S. President Donald Trump, BTC faced numerous events that could have led to a sharp reversal.

After a prolonged period of stagnation throughout September, Bitcoin’s recent price action remains positive.

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Yassine Elmandjra: Bitcoin kan in dit decennium 1 biljoen dollar kosten…

Het is een krankzinnig jaar geweest voor bitcoin. De activa – die 2020 begonnen bij ongeveer $7.000 per munt – is gedaald tot zo laag als $3.800 medio maart, maar steeg uiteindelijk zo hoog als $12.000 per eenheid in augustus.

Zou Bitcoin Head voor de Triljoenen kunnen gaan?

Eerder vandaag meldde Live Bitcoin News dat bitcoin mogelijk een solide laatste drie maanden van het jaar zou kunnen meemaken, en dat het vierde kwartaal van 2020 bijzonder vriendelijk zou zijn voor de nummer één van de wereld op het gebied van cryptocijfers. Eén bron beweerde zelfs dat dit BTC zou kunnen leiden tot het bereiken van $150K tegen het einde van volgend jaar. Dit is echter een kleinigheid in vergelijking met wat een voormalige Tesla-investeerder zegt.

Tot nu toe is de bitcoin erin geslaagd om 60+ dagen in het vijfcijferige gebied te blijven, maar de munteenheid heeft de afgelopen weken zijn eerlijke aandeel in de strijd gehad. Ten eerste is het actief eind augustus gestegen tot $12.400, maar later is het met meer dan $2.000 gedaald, waar het sindsdien is blijven zweven. Toch, volgens Yassine Elmandjra – die nu aan het hoofd staat van Ark Invest – zal de munt waarschijnlijk in minder dan tien jaar een stevige schommeling meemaken, en de munt zou potentieel een marktkapitalisatie kunnen bereiken die meer dan een biljoen dollar zal bedragen.

In een recent interview verklaarde hij:

Bitcoin biedt een van de meest overtuigende risico-rendementsprofielen onder de activa, zoals onze analyse suggereert. Het zou moeten schalen van ongeveer 200 miljard dollar vandaag tot 1-5 biljoen dollar aan netwerkkapitalisatie in de komende vijf tot tien jaar.

Ark Invest heeft de afgelopen jaren een echte naam voor zichzelf gemaakt, gezien het feit dat het goed heeft voorspeld waar de prijs van Tesla-aandelen naartoe zal gaan. In een tijd waarin de meeste bedrijven dit jaar zijn gecrasht en verbrand, is Tesla een van de weinige bedrijven die het vrij goed hebben gedaan, met aandelen die hun prijzen vertienvoudigen in de hele coronaviruspandemie.

Bovendien wordt nu gezegd dat bitcoin en Tesla aandelen een sterke correlatie hebben, wat de reden zou kunnen zijn waarom bitcoin er in de afgelopen zeven maanden in geslaagd is om ruwweg $7.000 te springen. Zolang Tesla het goed blijft doen, zullen we waarschijnlijk getuige zijn van het volgen van bitcoin.

Sommige zaken om uit te werken

Elmandjra legde het verder uit:

Onze analyse suggereert dat bitcoin al vroeg op weg is naar monetisatie, met een aanzienlijk waarderingspotentieel. Naar onze mening zal de miljardenmarktkapitalisatie van bitcoin – of de waarde van het netwerk – meer dan een orde van grootte schalen naar de triljoenen in het komende decennium.

Hoewel dit alles goed klinkt, heeft Elmandjra ook gewaarschuwd voor een zeker risico dat de komende jaren waarschijnlijk zijn gezicht zal laten zien. Dit risico komt voort uit het gebrek aan regelgeving dat de ruimte blijft ontsieren. Bovendien zijn er verschillende heikele kwesties die komen kijken bij het houden van grote hoeveelheden BTC in de portefeuille. Hij waarschuwde ook voor instellingen die de ruimte mogelijk zouden kunnen overnemen door te veel te kopen.

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Jack Dorsey una vez más elogió a Bitcoin

El fundador de Twitter, Jack Dorsey, continúa señalando el enorme potencial de la mayor moneda digital. Ha alabado repetidamente a Bitcoin Evolution y ha subrayado que es la única moneda en Internet.

Opere Bitcoin con apalancamiento | Depósito de 100$, Opere hasta 15KBoost sus retornos significativamente operando con apalancamiento en BTCC. Sólo acepta depósitos en USDT!

Dorsey recientemente reafirmó su compromiso no sólo con Bitcoin sino también con la tecnología de cadenas de bloqueo. También anunció la creación de un equipo para desarrollar una plataforma descentralizada de Twitter.

El equipo incluirá cinco arquitectos, ingenieros y diseñadores, informa Forbes.

El etéreo supera a Bitcoin en actividad de usuarios
Según Jack Dorsey, la aparición de una plataforma de cadena de bloqueo para la red social mejorará la seguridad de sus usuarios.

Aún no podemos ofrecer una protección completa, pero debemos esforzarnos por mejorarla regularmente, resumió el fundador de la red social.

Jack Dorsey tweeteó en la primavera que sigue comprando bitcoins. Paralelamente, decidió hacer una contribución significativa a la popularización de la industria de la cripto-moneda.

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Bitcoin cai para $11.1K enquanto o índice da moeda USD frustra o preço do BTC

Um uptick no índice da moeda USD produz um mergulho instantâneo no BTC/USD, com o maior afundamento de moedas criptográficas a 5% no dia.

O Bitcoin (BTC) caiu 5% para voltar a testar $11.000 em 2 de setembro, já que a nova força no índice da moeda americana parecia significar problemas.

BTC/USD vê forte rejeição de $12.000

Dados da Coin360 e Cointelegraph Markets mostraram que o BTC/USD perdeu $850 em menos de 24 horas na quarta-feira.

A jogada segue a última breve viagem da Bitcoin acima de $12.000 de resistência, um nível que até agora não conseguiu se manter apesar de várias tentativas este ano.

Analista adverte sobre „ressalto a curto prazo“

Juntamente com o salto de $11.150 foi um dia forte para o índice da moeda americana, uma métrica com a qual Bitcoin tem mostrado forte correlação inversa nos últimos meses.

Depois de atingir seus níveis mais baixos desde 2018, o índice recuperou acentuadamente, pressionando tanto o BTC quanto o ouro, este último baixando 0,6% no dia para atingir $1.957.

Comentando os últimos movimentos, o analista da Cointelegraph Markets Michaël van de Poppe advertiu, no entanto, que o mercado criptográfico mais amplo estava em busca de uma correção.

„E é por isso que se tira alguns lucros no caminho para cima. Uma queda significativa no $BTC aqui, não conseguiu segurar a área de $11.600“, disse ele aos seguidores do Twitter.

„Ainda poderia, muito bem, ser um pavio para o sul, mas no geral estou esperando um salto de curto prazo. Do outro lado do campo.“

No momento da imprensa, o BTC/USD circulou 11.400 dólares após uma modesta recuperação, recuperando firmemente o seu corredor de negociação de longo prazo com 11.000 dólares como apoio.

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TAG: Successful completion of blockchain pilot project with McDonald’s, Nestlé and O2

A new blockchain use case every day. The Trustworthy Accountability Group wants to use Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) to help the advertising industry.

Even if DeFi is making the headlines these days , the blockchain industry is not standing still. For as Trustworthy Accountability Group (TAG) tells, the company was able to complete a one-year test run for its own DLT platform in July. TAG is a certification company that campaigns against fraud with online advertising banners.

In the meantime, the company has landed well-known partners for its DLT pilot. The testers include industrial giants such as Johnson & Johnson, McDonalds, Nestlé and O2

According to the content of the press release, TAG wants to use the blockchain platform to ensure more transparency in online advertising. According to the company, this is often the target of fraud. For example, traffic is deliberately falsified in order to generate click numbers and thus fees for the advertiser. TAG has been trying to cope with this hustle and bustle for a long time with the so-called Certified Against Fraud Program , and now also with DLT.

Our pilot project showed promising possibilities for a DLT platform. Including the potential to create a „shared truth“ where the same data is recognized as valid throughout the supply chain,

Why Plus500? Leading CFD trading platform; 40,000 EUR demo account; Mobile trading app; strong lever; large selection of different financial products (cryptocurrencies, gold stocks, commodities, ETFs, forex, indices).

With the blockchain solution, TAG then wants to integrate all the advantages of distributed systems. Accordingly, data should be stored in the decentralized database in a confidential, anonymous, unchangeable and secure manner. TAG sees another advantage in blockchain-related automation. After all, one of the key aspects of distributed ledger technology is that it must function properly without any third parties.

The blockchain, which is intended for the advertising industry, was developed by TAG in collaboration with the London start-up FIDUCIA.

Blockchain: There is still a long way to go before it is ready for the market

With the return of the Bitcoin bull market , the blockchain industry is also likely to experience an upswing. Whether the technology can also prevail for other applications, i.e. with solid money, is still in the stars. Because the promise of data integrity, decentralization and immutability of the data is in practice often just a euphemism for „automation“. Especially since a blockchain only makes sense if as many parties as possible use it. But the fact is that there are now an innumerable number of different blockchains for any particular interest. It is hard to imagine that such diversity is sustainable.

Ultimately, you will have to wait and see which data is actually sensitive enough for a blockchain to be worthwhile. As Sven Wagenknecht argues , the technology should establish itself first and foremost in the food industry.

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